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Inner-X-Musick & FoolishPeople Beltane Special

Typhonian-Trance soundscape ritual-ambient

A new 4 CD bundle pack is available at Market Apocalypses. It contains loads of KILLER SHIT! Two Inner-X-Musick releases (Necrofuturist & Salon Apocalypse), as well as the other brand new self released CD's from the recent work of P. Emerson Williams. And, thrown in to the bundle.. an orginal piece of artwork by P. Emerson Williams. All this for 50 USD (plus shipping and handling - about 4 bucks).

Special: Get the The Abattoir Pages, A Red Threatening Sky, Veil of Thorns - Necrofuturist and Veil of Thorns - Salon Apocalypse + a piece of P. Emerson Williams original art.

This is a special treat. P. Emerson Williams has been a busy man for a bit now... donating his talents to many projects (Most of you know about the fact that he has done the art work for several SLEEPCHAMBER releases, was a performing member on John Zewizz solo CD, is the main force behind Veil Of Thorns and Choronzon, a member of Kkoagulaa.... and that just scratches the surface).

One of the project Sir Williams has been involved in is as a core member of FoolishPeople for their London productions Cirxus, The Abattoir Pages and A Red Threatening Sky. Now, these "soundscapes" are available to the public. Both original scores (one for the "Abattoir Pages" and one for "A Red Threatening Sky") are nearly impossible to categorize.

"Abattoir Pages" is the more ambient of the two, but that's not to say it's a dreary floating tone with slow keyboard swells delicately placed through out (yawn). Nope, the "Abattoir Pages" score is not going to your happy place either, but it is a complex ride through a dark time. Never boring. No long stanza's of near silence, this is a production "score" that stands as a powerful piece on it's own. You can check out the "Abattoir Pages" HERE.

"A Red Threatening Sky" is another beast all together. Think Lustmord meets the more zany Nurse With Wound (circa 2000 on). It's crazy, organized chaos. NOT ATMOSPHERIC, NOT INDUSTRIAL, NOT GOTH, Just MADNESS!!!

Both release are early runners for CD of the year... I wouldn't throw that out lightly. P. Emerson Williams is offerning these two CD's as well Veil of Thorns - Necrofuturist and Veil of Thorns - Salon Apocalypse + a piece of P. Emerson Williams original art.


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And for the love of it, I bring you a free download of FoolishPeople Weaponized Series 0 + other goodies.
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